Mom feeding Johnnie outside, next to the dog named Blue.

Jo wants a Popsicle

Letter from Mom

Hello dear ones,

We have a 1 pg. limit for 15 cents but maybe this extra strip won’t be noticed. Just wanted to tell everyone we love you all a bushel full and would like to hug your necks. I dreamed of hugging Mimi Sat. nite and Sun. when I woke up I could have sworn it was so.

All of us are fine and getting more accustomed to this life all the time. This country and the people fascinate me.

Letter from Ascuncion
Slips of paper mom wrote notes from Ascuncion on

Jo is so content – she plays til she just crawls on the bed without being told and drops off to sleep. I feel so good – this is like a long camping trip – we sleep out, eat out, have church out. When a big rain comes it gets mighty cool, and for several hrs., have to wear coats.

Before long I’m going to send a check and a list of some of the things we need. I think boxes mailed will get here alright if mailed to Asuncion. Jo wants a Popsicle.

Will close for now. Must check the mosquito nets and see if they are tucked in.
Love and kisses,
P.S. We enjoy our open air shower house. It has walls but no roof and we feel luxurious.

What did mom really think about living in the middle of nowhere, with five kids, and without electricity; she was only 29 years old. Her naivety in believing the two slips of onion skin paper wouldn’t be “noticed” shows how little she knew, such as the fact mail fees were based on weight.


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